Pontiac Trans Am Super Comp SC266


Pontiac Trans Am '77 Funny Car (California Charger)
Class FHRA / NHRA Super Comp SC (8.90 Index)

Engine 1

Chevrolet  BB

      Volume 540 cid (8,9 l)
       Power estim. 875 hv / 7400 rpm,  max 7600 rpm
      Torque estim. 741 lbs/ft / 6000 rpm
      Cylinder Heads EPD Racing Heads, BBC Signature Series Racing GM Bow Tie Aluminum, Raised Port

      Fuel delivery

Barry Grant BG Holley Dominator

Engine 2

Chevrolet BB

      Volume 461 cid (7,6 l)
       Power estim. 725 hv / 7000 rpm, max 7200 rpm
      Torque estim. 607 lbs/ft / 5500 rpm
      Cylinder Heads Brodix BB2 Aluminum, Raised Exhaust Port

      Fuel delivery

Barry Grant BG Holley Dominator
Ignition MSD 7A-2 ignition control
Rev control MSD Three Step Module Selector with two Prodrag RPM Module Selectors


GM Powerglide, Full manual with trans-brake

Rear axle Full Floater Ford 9"


       Master cylinder Wilwood composite 7/8"
       Rear Wilwood calibers  FDL 1.62,  .38 RTR Polish (120-6798-P) with disk brakes
Tires MH Frontrunner
Gooryear Eagle 34,5x17x16 Rear
Wheels Spindle Center Line Front
Center Line Convo Pro 16x16 Rear


Chromoly. 125". Don Long 1977 (USA)

Body J&E Fiberglass Pontiac Trans Am 1977 (USA)
Paint by Jussi Löppönen
Control equipment Autometer

Trottle Stop

Biondo Mega 300 Controller and Prodrag pressure air equipments

Data acquisition

Edelbrock QuickData


911 kg w driver

Time capability 1/4mile   8.100s / 265 km/h with 540 engine, 8.650s / 250 km/h with 461 engine
(6.400s / 357 km/h, AAFC, 480 KB, Neil Leffler 1977)

Original Car Builder

Keeling & Clayton team (CA, USA)