Season 2011

Race schedule for the season 2011

14-15.5 SONAX Spring Nationals Motopark
18-19.6 KAMASA Nationals Alastaro
30.6-3.7 FHRA FIA /UEM Nitro Nationals Alastaro
16-17.7 CORNETTO Summer Nationals Kalajoki
20-21.8 LEATHER HEAVEN Nationals Motopark
2-4.9 DEFA Finals Alastaro

Sonax Spring Nationals 2011

I had an intention to drive this begining race season with my new Chevy Altered. BUT! schedule was too critical to get it race ready. So i took my Funny Car out of the stockroom and rebuild it during Easter holidays.
Race schedule for this year...i think at the moment we are going to race only in Finland. Mayby one race in Sweden at later of the season.

Thursday 12.5.2011

It was a very critical schedule with fynny cars new rear tires and spare parts. Forwarding agency delivered very big package of spare parts this morning. There were also lot of parts, all wheels and tires for Chevy Altered in that same package.
Now the funny car with new rear tires and all race equipments are already load inside motorhome and trailer.
Prodrag Staff is comming to Jyvaskyla tomorrow morning. Then we will proceed on our way to Motopark Raceway

Friday 13.5.2011
Piritta, Arto and Jukka arrived this morning to Jyväskylä. Some food shopping in Jyvaskyla and we will proceed on our way to Motopark.

Saturday 14.5.2011 Motorpark Raceway, Virtasalmi, Finland
Excellent race weather, blowy headwind
1. qual. 8,983s
 2.qual. 8,874s
3. qual. 8,888s
no qual. 4 at this evening. We were already on lineup, but not enough time qualifing. Track was closed at 19:00 :(
Engine service and some checking....everything is ok for morning !

Sunday 15.5.2011
4th qual. session too fast...8.863s.

First elination round with Laura Sassi...i really don't now what went wrong...too fast again...8.864s., Time and halftime was almost the same as 4. qual session. Laura Sassi drove 8.890s and won. 

My first  though the reason for brake out  was the tail wind and maybe throttlle stop contoller did not accept new setup...but i checked it from data acquisition system and all setup worked correctly. The most likely reason for brake out was better traction as earlier. The new tires works better and better, and maybe the track grip was better too. Shit happenes :( 

Laura Sassi won the race, congratulations !!!!

But overall, the race car and the team worked perfectly. It is very good to continue for next race.

 Kamasa Tools

Saturday 18.5.2011 Alastaro Circuit, Finland

It was very frustrating day. It rained in the morning. Rain stoped occasionally, track were dried and qualification continues. I was two times in lineup, but both times its began to rain and we have to returned back to the pit. At 7pm we got information there is no more qual.round today and SuperComp starts the qualification at 10:00 Sunday morning

Sunday 19.5.2011
First and last qualification round was at 10:11. Qaul #1, time 8.935s.
First elimination round: Markus Engberg red light. My time 8,919s
Second elimination round: Micke Nilsson brakeout 8,879s. My time 8,931s
I was in finals with Laura Sassi, but little before our turn it starts to rain AGAIN!!! . Competition have to cancel :(





Thursday 30.6. Weather has been excellent. Sunny day. Maybe little be too hot. Here are our results of the thursday qualication rounds:
1. qualifation round at 11:21 9.841s
2. qualifation round at 13:05 8,889s
3. qualifation round at 14:22 8,908s
4. qualifation round at 15:23 8,901s
5. qualifation round at 16:27 8,895s
6. qualifation round at 17:57 8,904s

Friday 1.7. We just drove one qual. session. Track was little slippery after morning rain. At 11:56am, time 8.959s. 5 of 10 SC cars drove something about 9.0 seconds. Pro classes also began they qualifications. 6pm began heavy rain, storm and thunder. We broke one of our tent. My weather station calculates 15.2mm rain during 15 minutes ;) We were so wet !

Saturday 2.7. We only drove one qualification session at 10:19am. We had technical problem with ignition and second gear didn't get automaticly on. So time was only 9.245s after manual gearing. During the qual. session 9, we made checking and service. About 6pm began heavy rain and thunderstorm again. Several SC racers made excellent qualifation times. Qual times looks like oldtime ;)

Sunday 3.7. FHRA repair timing system about 5 hour. Saturday evening thunderstorm broke it  somehow. Super Comp first elimination round 6:39 pm. I made an mistake at staging. Car went deep. After that Super Comp just drove one more elimination round. See the final results pdf.

Here are the final results of the Nitro Nationals nitro_tulokset.pdf

Here is the total point standing after 3 of 6 races http://www.fhra.fi/pdf/pisteet2011.pdf

SEE YOU IN KALAJOKI Summer Nationals 16-17.7

Summer Nats