Season 2003

FHRA August Nationals

Alastaro 16-17.8.2003
First race after two years. The engine was completed only a few days before race. We didn't have time to test run the engine and transmission before race. Are the engine and transmission going to operate properly. It was extremely exciting situation.We arrived to Alastaro race track late in the Friday night. After arriving we unloaded the race car and build the pit. When we woke up on Saturday morning, the weather was cloudy and rainy.


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Lassi ja Jukka in breakfast
1st qualification round 3:22 PM 9,899 s / 236,16 km/h
MSD RPM Activeted Switch was incorrectly set. The second gear went on far too early.
2nd qualification round 5:32 PM 19,605 s / 228,81 km/h
After releasing transbrake, the car was first backed up about one meter and just after that car was started to run forward.
After the round we tested the transmission in the pit and we noticed that every time when I release the transbrake button, the rear wheels was first rolling into wrong direction.

We miss the 3th qualification round because we started to change the transmission at once after 2nd qualification round.


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Burnout is starting. Marko Tossavainen is in the other track.
One qualification round before eliminator. 11:08 AM 60'    1,256 s
660' 5,543 s / 198,46 km/h
1/4   8,750 s / 244,16 km/h
0,15 s under index. Seems to be that engine and transmission are running properly.
1st elimination round 12:49 PM L Marko Tossavainen / R Pertti Soronen
After releasing transbrake, the car was started properly. After few meters, the acceleration was stoped and some oil was splashed out of the transmission and I raised the gas pedal. I just drove slowly the car out of the track and Marko won the match.


We are glad that the engine runs perfectly and we drove our record time 8,750 s / 244,16 km/h.
The first transmission was only worn out and the rebuild it was quite easy. We put in a new kevlar band, an other drum and new friction and kolone steel plates inside the drum.

The second transmission was very bad condition. What a mess. The planetary gears was completely destroied. We had to change an other planetary gears in place of the old ones.

NDRS Defa Finals

We arrived to Alastaro race track late in the Thursday night. After arriving we unloaded the race car.


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When we woke up on Friday morning, the weather was very rainy. It was about 6 o'clock in the evening when the first cars could able to go in the track. I was in a burnout place and ready to do my burnout, when director of the competition give me the hand mark to shut off the engine. Clock was 8 pm. and there is no more time to run in this day. We will continue in the Saturday morning at same position where the qualication session stoped in the Friday evening.


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1st qualification round 10:17 AM 8,763 s / 245,16 km/h
2nd qualification round 12:35 AM 8,846 s / 245,03 km/h
3rd qualification round 02:00 AM 8,757 s / 244,95 km/h
4th qualification round 03:37 AM 8,923 s / 236,51 km/h, 7th in qualification
5th qualification round 05:53 AM 8,808 s / 234,71 km/h, 10th in qualification
All 16 car was driven in 8,9 second time.
After race day in the Saturday evening , we made standard maintenance to the engine. Valve last adjustment and some checkings. In a picture, Jukka and Tero is starting the maintenance. mechanics.jpg (22877 bytes)


1st elimination round 11:52 PM

L Magnus Johansson R/T 0,042 s  8,945 s
R Pertti                     R/T   0,008 s 8,960 s

I won in 0,0192 s because of excellent reaction time.
reaction008.jpg (19496 bytes)
2nd elimination round 12:58 PM

L Pertti                      R/T 0,048 s  8,886 s
R Kristina Hägglund  R/T 0,026 s  8,895 s

Kristina beat me in 0,0092 s because we both run brake-out (under 8,900 s index) but Kristina run less under.
kristina.jpg (20693 bytes)
In a 3rd elimination round Marko Tossavainen wons Paul-Ingar Udtian and Kristina Hägglund wons Sami Saapola. So in a finals Marko and Kristina will meet each other.

In a finals Kristina take 0,002 s red light and Marko won the race and Marko also won the Finnish Super Comp Champion. Congratulations.


The race season was short but I think we leaned a lot. The driver and the whole team was little a bit rusty and we had also new team members with us, but now we are much more ready to campain in a comming race season. It seems to be, that we will race complete season 2004.

Many thanks all sponsors and friends for all support what you gave to us.

Members of Prodrag Racing
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